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Reupholstering is a smart alternative to the more expensive lower quality new furniture. There are varying reasons why many of our customers choose to reupholster, sentimental value, broad fabric selection, solid fame, monatary value, or a decorating change.

  • Commercial or Residential Upholstering
  • Complete restoration of furniture
  • Restored from the frame up
  • Furniture restyling
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Furniture repair

Upholstering Info

  • Reupholstered sofa
  • Reupholstered Chair
  • Refinished and Reupholstered rocker
  • Reupholstered cafeteria chairs
  • Reupholstered booth
  • Reupholstered restaurant seats
  • Refinished and Reupholstered rocker
  • Refinished and Reupholstered rocker
Custom upholstering, reupholstering for your home, office or commercial project.


We can reupholster furniture used in commercial applications too. Office chairs, desk chairs, waiting room chairs, dining hall seats, booths, dentist chairs, and any type of commercial upholstered piece.

Save your business money by reupholstering your commercial furniture instead of replacing it with new more expesive pieces.


Get rid of that unsightly tear in the fabric, or maybe the frame is broken and the piece of furniture is unuseable. We can repair it!
If the furniture is in good shape other than a tear or hole in the fabric, it would be worth repairing.


Although it would be hard to change the basic frame of a piece of furniture, there are other ways to change the style.

A sofa or chair with hard edges can be padded to change the look to a softer rolled style. In some cases tufting could be removed or buttons added to change the looks.

The furniture can take on a new form with different proportions and dated details can be removed. If you are considering restyling a piece of furniture we will be glad to consult with you on what is feasible for the furniture you have.

Why Reupholster?

Reupholstering is basically a complete restoration of the furniture. The restoration starts by removing the old fabric and padding right down to the bones of the piece, the frame.

The upholsterer works from the frame up which is the same as a new furniture maker. Once the frame is inspected and rebuilt if necessary, the finished wood is either stripped and refinished or cleaned and touched up, depending on the condition.

Next, we turn our attention to the springs, broken springs are replaced and coiled springs retied, depending on the type of spring originally used. With the frame and springs rebuilt, the upholsterer is ready to add new padding and the new fabric.

With the reupholstering or restoration complete the furniture is like a brand new piece again.

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